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PlumbBob Research and Agorasys Announce RecallCheck!

April 22nd, 2009 Comments off

PlumbBob Research and Agorasys Announce RecallCheck!
An Application for the Google Phone!

If you read my previous post on sizing up the mobile phone market, you know that I’ve been partnering up with my friend at Agorasys to develop a mobile phone app.  Well we did it!  The application is called RecallCheck and it was posted to the Android Market yesterday.

RecallCheck allows anyone with an Android based phone to scan in a barcode and search the FDA website for that product to see if it’s on the FDA site as being recalled.  The app is easy to use and fast.

We’re really quite proud of it.  We think it should be part of everyone’s home tool-kit.  Everyone wants to make sure the food they eat is clean and free of contamination, and using this kind of tool is a great first step.

If you have a Google phone “check” it out!  If you don’t, let us know what kind of phone you have and maybe we’ll port it over (we’re thinking about RIM and the Palm Pre as the next platforms).

If you don’t have a Google phone, let us know what you think anyway.  How concerned are you about food recalls?  How do you find out about them?  How do food recalls impact your grocery shopping habits?  Let us know, and share your thoughts with others on this site.

And remember to keep your vertical reference tools close at hand!